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USDOT Secretary Mary Peters released her proposed “Transportation Infrastructure Reform Act,” a surface transportation reform proposal.  Given the status quo, which is to say a transportation system of diminishing quality and capacity, this suggested change of direction deserves at least one read by decisionmakers in Congress.  But Peters’ views this past year have found few congressional heads nodding in agreement and thus a small audience for recommendations from a lame duck administration.


“many different answers…will form the working components of a future American transportation system”

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Horizon Lines chief Chuck Raymond points to the need for changes in Federal transportation policy that includes marine highways and a tiered port structure.  He sees a marine highway system consisting of the inland waterways, long haul coastwise Ro/Ro service, and a “coastwise container feeder network” to give freight and international cargo water route alternatives to the congested highway system.  His article appeared in the July 2008 issue of

“many different answers…will form the working components of a future American transportation system”

The Next TEA Must Be “New”

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…this transportation bill should not be a “reauthorization” of the existing approach but should be a “new authorization” replete with new policies and funding strategies. Steve Van Beek, Eno Transportation Foundation

Steve’s piece is a succinct discussion of why the next surface transportation authorization bill must be more than a “reauthorization” of existing program and policy and what it will take to get a bill done in Congress.  Warmed up SAFETEA-LU won’t satisfy a nation starved for 21st century transportation and infrastructure.

The Next TEA Must Be “New”