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It Makes No Sense

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“Recession or no recession, our nation desperately needs to update infrastructure that lags behind that of even some developing countries. But it is also true that a recession is the perfect time to put money into long-term investments like massive public-works projects because it creates jobs while pumping up our economy. It’s like hitting two homeruns with one swing. FDR knew that when he created the New Deal."  Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Building Back”,  Newsweek, December 17, 2008

It Makes No Sense


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TELL THEM ABOUT TRANSPORTATION…“them” being President-elect Obama and the next Congress who will make major policy and funding decisions.  The campaign invites text and video comments from transportation users to tell Washington decision makers “what they need to know to take action to improve transportation next year”.  Sounds right.  Tell them.  Pbea

Stimulating the Economy with a Vision

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“But alas, there’s no evidence so far that the Obama infrastructure plan is attached to any larger social vision. In fact, there is a real danger that the plan will retard innovation and entrench the past.”

David Brooks of the NYT is right to look for the Obama Administration to put a social context–enhancing community, for instance–to the billions in infrastructure investments that Congress will approve in the first months of the new administration.  That is detail–a policy framework–we hope will come from the president-elect.  It can start in general terms with the stimulus package and then be given finer detail in the surface transportation proposal.  Pbea

Stimulating the Economy with a Vision