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“Public Interest Concerns” about PPP by the House Transportation Chairman

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Jim Oberstar (D-MN) and Peter DeFazio (D-OR) detailed concerns they first noted in their May 10th letter to governors, state legislators, and transportation officials around the country. “When a government agency considers contracting with a private company…there are many issues that must be examined.” The Bush DOT is a promoter of public private partnerships but it is not a Repub vs Dem thing. Politicians of both stripes are increasingly welcoming of private investment in public infrastructure and other facilities but Oberstar/DeFazio point to cautions that should be observed. As Oberstar’s counterpart, John Mica (R-FL) said, and DeFazio concurred, concerns are being raised in the absence of a government policy.

“Public Interest Concerns” about PPP by the House Transportation Chairman

HMT: “Barrier” to Great Lakes Maritime Commerce

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The focus of this October 2006 report funded by the Great Lakes Maritime Research Institute is an argument that the Harbor Maintenance Tax should be voided. It contains an abbreviated but fairly comprehensive history of the HMT as well as statements as to why the HMT is flawed. The discussion on HMT is not limited to the Great Lakes and thus is useful to a policy debate on the HMT.   However the paper does not offer as deep a discussion as I would like on how the HMT discourages the use of waterborne transportation and one would like to see more as to proposed “solutions to the HMT problem." 

HMT: “Barrier” to Great Lakes Maritime Commerce

The Ambassador Bridge: Public Crossing / Private Owner

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The Ambassador Bridge is a major US-CN border crossing owned and operated by a privately held company. The company’s plans to build a larger, second bridge comes at a time when private investment in and ownership of major elements of transportation infrastructure is a hot policy topic in Washington and many states. The title is linked to a two-part NPR story on the bridge and expansion plans. In the first part you will hear Detroit-Windsor Truck Ferry operator Greg Ward speak of security issues raised by private ownership.

The Ambassador Bridge: Public Crossing / Private Owner

Ambassador Bridge Website

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The company’s website includes information on the “enhancement” project including an animated flyover.

Ambassador Bridge Website

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The Ambassador Bridge spanning Detroit, MI and Windsor, ON

Lock the Lakes…Groups Ask for Moratorium on Ocean Vessels

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“…salties account for less than 7% of the cargo moved on the Great Lakes and Seaway according to the Corps of Engineers.”

Lock the Lakes…Groups Ask for Moratorium on Ocean Vessels

National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Commission

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Some of the commissioners have shown particular interest in what the future’s transportation should be, not just to fix immediate and near term problems.  Congress is expected to give the commission until December to make its report on future transportation policy.

National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Commission

AASHTO’s Vision Statement drafts

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Not without merit but missing maritime. It mentions…

  • Ports but not ships.
  • Metro mobility but not ferries.
  • Building capacity on road and rail but not using capacity on waterways.

Maps Need Marine Highways.

AASHTO’s Vision Statement drafts