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GAO: Restructured Federal Approach Needed…

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“Surface transportation programs need to be reexamined in the context of the nation’s current unsustainable fiscal path.”

“Modally-stovepiped funding can impede efficient planning and project selection…”

“With the sustainability and performance issues of current programs, it is an opportune time for Congress to more clearly define the federal role in transportation and improve progress toward specific, nationally-defined outcomes.  (I)t may be necessary to shift policies and programs incrementally or on a pilot basis to gain practical lessons for a coherent, sustainable, and effective national program and financing structure to best serve the nation for the 21st century.”

GAO: Restructured Federal Approach Needed…


“Setting up a new federal mode-neutral discretionary program…”

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“The nation currently lacks a rational, robust program structure for prioritizing and providing financial support to high value investments in new infrastructure capacity. [I]t is time to replace the modally-oriented program delivery structure designed around…earlier purposes with one suited to the challenges of today and tomorrow. A mode-neutral federal discretionary program is needed to select and support infrastructure investments aimed at critical chokepoints in surface passenger and freight transportation system. … It makes no sense to try to address the challenges of a major urban corridor with separate modal programs, each with its own evaluation criteria and program requirements.” Ron Kirby, Director of Transportation Planning, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, before the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, April 9, 2008

“Setting up a new federal mode-neutral discretionary program…”