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Spending Billions…And More To Come

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In February House Transportation Chair Jim Oberstar (D-MN) pledged periodic progress reports on the spending of ARRA, a.k.a. economic stimulus, appropriations for transportation projects.  Transportation related appropriations in the $750 billion stimulus package totalled $48.1 billion.  On June 25, 2009 subcommittee Peter DeFazio (D-OR) chaired the oversight hearing as to how well USDOT and the grant recipients have managed the transportation pot 120-days since enactment of ARRA.  As of June 15, USDOT reported that $47.5 billion was “announced” and $17.5 billion has been obligated.  Progress has been made on implementing the highly anticipated multimodal TIGER discretionary grants that is a new program managed in the Secretary’s office.  The $1.5 billion in grants will be awarded by next February; applications are due in September.  The link takes you to the taped hearing.

Spending Billions…And More To Come