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TRANSpolicy ends and MTS Matters begins.  This blog is taking on a new look and a bit clearer focus.  The title better reflects my interest area–the marine transportation system–and what, for the most part, I have been bringing to the reader’s attention.  The new host (WordPress) offers more features and better serves an issue oriented blog and its readers.  Thanks for checking in on TRANSpolicy.  Come visit   Pbea


Website: America’s Marine Highways

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AMH Website Wayne McCormick’s website–America’s Marine Highways–is devoted to the subject and points you to stories, opinion, legislative and business developments and much more. It’s still a young site but is filling out with good information. It is distinguished from other sites on this subject that are sponsored, in whole or in part, by Federal government.  The AMH website is able to offer a frequently updated slate on current events, the views of others, a wide variety of articles, and other newsy pieces that an enthusiast considers worth posting.  He welcomes ideas as to new content.  The AMH website deserves frequent visits.